Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2-S DJ Headphone - HDJ-2000MK2-S

Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2-S DJ Headphone

Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2-S DJ Headphone

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Pioneer DJ HDJ-2000MK2-S DJ Headphone

These pro-grade DJ headphones deliver the accurate sound quality you demand and the durability you’ve come to expect from Pioneer. The flagship of Pioneer’s headphone lineup, the HDJ-2000MK2 sports a sleek, modern look that mirrors the vibe of the Pioneer’s entire array of professional DJ equipment. Powered by massive 50 mm drivers, these headphones produce deep lows and clear highs that are critical to mixing and monitoring.

Unmatched Sound Quality

The HDJ-2000MK2’s large drivers, combined with rare-earth magnets and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, reproduce music with amazing accuracy, clarity and control with increased low-end output. Whether you’re beat matching or beat juggling, these headphones let you easily distinguish between cymbals, snares and kick drums.

Sound Isolation Design

One of the biggest challenges a professional DJ faces is monitoring in very loud clubs or festival stages. To meet this challenge the HDJ-2000MK2 headphones are designed with Pioneer’s innovative sound-isolation chamber as part of its bass-reflex port. This isolates low- and mid-frequencies in the 300Hz to 1600Hz by as much as 7dB compared to the original model, resulting in more defined mid-bass/mid-range response. Lastly, the HDJ-2000MK2’s large, ultra-comfortable, low-resilience urethane memory foam ear pads create a tight seal around your ears to seal out external noise.

Comfort and Durability

Great sounding cans are only useful to a pro if they can stand up to heavy, repeated use and remain comfortable during a long set. That’s why Pioneer designed the HDJ-2000MK2 headphones with a flexible headband and hinges made of strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy. Each earpiece swivels up to 90 degrees and can be flipped around 180 degrees for one-ear listening applications. The ultra-comfortable memory foam ear pads are wrapped in supple, high-grade leather and can be replaced if needed.


  • High-fidelity sound design optimized for all DJs
  • Improved air chamber for better sound isolation
  • Durable, ergonomic headband design
  • Convenient, low-profile L-plug connector with coiled and straight cords
  • Foldable design for compact storage
  • Included 1.2m single output curled cord and 1.6m straight woven sheathed cord with mini XLR connections
  • Compact and protective hard carrying "Pod" case


  • Style: Enclosed dynamic stereo headphones
  • Frequency Range: 5Hz to 30,000Hz
  • Impedance: 32Ohm
  • Max Input: 3,500 mW
  • Output Sound Pressure Level: 107 dB/mW
  • Driver Unit: 50 mm domes
  • Cords: 1.2 m side mount coil cord (extended 3 m) and 1.6 m twisted-sheathed straight cord
  • Plug: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack (gold-plated, two-way, screw type)
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces (without cord)