Proel DH330LU10 Speaker Cable - 60250080

Proel DH330LU10 Speaker Cable

Proel DH330LU10 Speaker Cable

Anti-sibilant flexible nylon screen pop filter, equipped with gooseneck and adjustable with universal fastening screw for straight stands.

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Proel DH330LU10 Speaker Cable

Proel DH330LU10 is a professional, flexible loudspeaker cable. His veins were made with oxygen-free copper (OFC) 2 x 2.5 mm. To eliminate any interference used in the double shielding: conductive PVC and copper braid. The coating section of insulating 6mm PVC.

The Italian company Proel - one of the leading producers of power and signal cables on the world launches a brand DIE HARD - line of products with high technical parameters characterized by high strength and reliability. The intention to create unique, technologically advanced and high performance products has been realized thanks to the introduction of innovative technical solutions (including, among others, two international patents) to ensure the highest quality and connection stability.


  • Manufacturer: Proel
  • Series: Die Hard Gold Line
  • Type B: Speaker 
  • Low capacitance
  • Connectors: Neutrik speakon 2-POLE, coated with 24 carat gold 
  • Features: conductor made of copper deoxidised, special, coaxial design, low loss of signal flexible, resistant to interference
  • Length: 10m