Orange Jim Root Terror Amp Head - Orange JRT-H Jim Root Terror

Orange Jim Root Terror Amp Head

Orange Jim Root Terror Amp Head

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Orange JRT-H Jim Root Terror

Orange Jim Root Terror Amp Head

The Orange Signature #4 Jim Root Terror head is the third-generation evolution of the company’s Tiny Terror Series, which started with the original Tiny Terror and progressed with the high-gain Dark Terror. Whereas the Dark Terror was based on the high-gain tones of Orange’s Thunder series, the Jim Root Terror is modeled after the Dirty channel of the Rockerverb 100, which has formed the bedrock of Root’s sound with Slipknot and Stone Sour.

Like the Tiny Terror and Dark Terror, the Jim Root Terror is a single-channel 15-watt amp. Also like those amps, the Dark Terror is powered by a pair of EL84 tubes and uses three 12AX7s in the preamp section and a single 12AT7 for the effect loop. The most welcome feature of the Jim Root Terror (and a first for the Tiny Terror Series) is the three-band EQ (bass/middle/treble) section, which offers considerably more tonal-shaping capabilities that the single tone/shape control on the previous models. Other controls include volume and gain knobs, a switch for selecting 15 or seven watts of output, effect loop send and return jacks on the rear panel, and three 1/4-inch speaker output jacks (two eight-ohm and one 16-ohm).

As one might expect, the Jim Root Terror’s three-band EQ section provides significantly different tonal character than that of its predecessors. While the amp produces more than sufficient gain, the EQ has a mighty midrange roar and growl that makes it sound more like a hot-rodded Seventies amp than a modern metal monster. Even better, the amp responds quite nicely when you hit it with your favorite overdrive, distortion, boost pedal, taking the extra aggression in stride while retaining its signature character. With delay or reverb patched into the effect loop, the tones are positively studio or stadium worthy. We like this amp best when played through a 2×12 or 4×12 cabinet.

The Jim Root Terror puts 15 watts of tube amp mojo at your disposal – along with an amazing array of tonal versatility. Drive it hard and this little guy puts out a stunning amount of gain. Plenty powerful for small gigs, the Tiny Terror also adapts well to studio and rehearsal use. You can drop the wattage down to 7 watts for lower-volume saturation. Making this by far the most tonally versatile of the lunch box sized terror amps available.


  • Single channel, all valve, amp
  • Output: 7 and 15 watts
  • High-gain 4-stage preamp,
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Tube FX loop
  • Three 12AX7 preamp tubes; two EL84 power tubes
  • 2 x 8 ohm; 1 x 16 ohm speaker outputs
  • Gig bag included