Behringer ULTRALINK PRO MX882 V2 Analog Mixer

BehringerSKU: MX882V2

Dhs. 487.20


Ultra-Flexible 8-Channel Splitter/Mixer


The MX882 is definitely one piece of gear every audio engineer and musician should always have close at hand. This ultra-flexible, little €œlifesaver€� has proven invaluable time and time again in live performances, professional recording studios, CD and digital production facilities, and a variety of other scenarios where the show simply had to go on! The MX882 is ideal for distributing a stereo signal to several outputs (splitter mode); combining multiple signals into a stereo output (mixer mode), or adapting signal levels of signals for a variety of audio applications (buffer amplifier). The ULTRALINK PRO MX882 can perform all of these functions easily and simultaneously €“ it is quite literally, the audio version of a €œSwiss Army Knife€�.

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